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and drivers wanted. >>> continuing coverage now of march madness and the ncaa tournament is now over for cal. we were at kip's bar in berkeley where some fans who didn't make the trip to san josi gathered to watch their team take on syracuse and cheer them on, but unfortunately it wasn't the result that they were hoping for as the bears saw their championship run end tonight. ktvu's debora villalon is live at hp pavilion where that game just wrapped up a short time ago. such disappoint. >> reporter: yes, heather with the win fans might still be here, but they cleared out fast reflecting on what might have been. >> hey syracuse, good luck success, you guys will run into someone called oregon soon. >> reporter: cal fans did not beat the odds tonight. the exuberance and experience of the orange rewarded. >> i bought tickets to d.c. >> reporter: you were overconfident? >> i am just the right amount of confident. [ laughter ] >> wallace for three, yes! >> the bears will be prowling the nation's capitol despite a deafening hometown crowd in san josi which even included oregon fans, usually th
england with 350 people reporting it to the american meteor society. >>> whether the cal women lived up to president obama's march madness expectations. >>> and a big race tomorrow in the east bay. . >>> the oakland mariott was buzzing with activity as people got ready for the running festival tomorrow. the annual event includes a marathon, a half marathon, a 5k race and a kids' fun run. for all the details go to and click on hot topics. >> should be a great day for that. >>> also a great day for basketball and lots of it happening today. >> cal has two teams still going on. the cal men playing in the second round of the ncaa tournament tonight against syracuse. the cal women had their first round, against fresno state. in his bracket, president obama picked the bears to go all the way. cal led by 7 at the half thanks to this effort by boyd to beat the buzzer from 3-point range. the bears outrebounded the bull dogs 51-28. they keep the offense alive on the boards, brandon gets the hoop. five bears in double figures with boyd leading the way with 21. she was one assist shy of a
they have hosted the tournament three times until the last seven years. tip off for the cal syracuse game scheduled for 6:40 saturday night. the 12 seed cal golden bears definitely the under dogs. last night they pounded montana. and unfortunately st. maori's out after they lost. >>> still has a voice even though he was screaming during the game. >> i scared some people. >> you scared some people in your own home. >> i now. southbound 101 we have boulders that came down and hit an suv. we have our reporter on the scene. we'll let you know what is going on there. and quickly on to the sunol grade. that traffic here looks good on the south bay. let's go back to dave and pam. >>> coming up next many our 6:00 hour breaking news from the south bay. the man hunt under way now for the driver. >>> also it's decision day for the faa. which airport tower is it going to close? >>> pretty neat looking day today. you can't see it until the sun comes up but mostly sunny. it will be warmer. >>> breaking news out of san jose. the chp is looking for the driver of a deadly hit and run. >>> al
north to oakland, you will find graffiti almost the whole way there >> we connecticut tacted cal- tran, but we did not receive a note back. >> >> a graffiti artist is dead after falling over the weekend. a street sweeper found his body. he was convicted in 2009 and 2011. >> oakland police department is changing the way it fights crime and the chief said the new policing model is depending on community involvement. the goal is for the department to work directly with the community, oakland will be divided into five districts and a cap opinion will be responsible for each one and they will interact with neighborhood advisory committees, something oakland residents seem open to try. >> not trusting people like they used to. >> oakland police said they don't know how many people will sit on the advisories board, but they say it would be an application process and anyone could apply. >>> contra costa county raymond harris died after being shot while on the stairs leading to the station. richmond police say it appears the shooting happened following an argument. >> friends and relatives paid
released. >>> cal train says a pedestrian was killed on the tracks this afternoon. a north bound train struck the pedestrian south of the deer don station just after 4:00 train says there was only one passenger on board. trains are single tracking through the area. no information on the victim's name. >> downtown businesses in oakland is upset and worryied about value vandals. someone filled every door lock and pad locks with clue. >> there is a lot of security walking around in the day time and they care and do what they can but we need somebody walking around doing something at night. >> oakland police said they received no calls from merchants. ( >> the man accused of stealing an artifact from the oakland museum, stole this jewelry box back in january. impact dates back to the gold rush days. if convicted he could face 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine. >>> lawmakers introduced legislation today. they say too many offenders are ending up on the streets. a recent study shows more sex offenders
and family came to share memories of him during an emotional vigil. >> i just want donae back. >> cal train already had plans to install fences in the area where donae was killed. his mother is also asking other parents to warn their kids about walking along the tracks. >>> lei la was riding her bike to school back in november when she was hit by an suv. investigators have now determined that the girl was add fault for the crash because she should have yielded to the suv. her family rejected the police findings and launching its own investigation. >>> a parolee wanted on felony weapons charges is still missing after he evaded police in a san jose neighborhood. officers tracked him down yesterday afternoon. police say he ran off. disguarded a loaded gun and jumped fences to escape. officers set up a perimeter, went yard to yard searching for him but they did not find him. >>> law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out if a shootout with deputies in texas could be linked to the killing of a colorado state prison chief. it started yesterday afternoon ending with the death of a colorado
-- lanes are still closed. cal tran has taken ahold of this situation. a pedestrian was hit and killed here. this has turned into a biohazard situation. it was a gruesome seen out here and there was body fluid on the freeway. cal tran said is needs to be cleaned up. here you can look out at traffic that is backed up here in the southbound lanes of 280. again, it's right in the middle of the commute. it could be like this until 10:00 a.m. let's go to video later this morning. this all happened at 3:15. someone called 911 after seeing a body of a woman crumpled on a freeway. they used their car to stop other cars from running over the body. drivers stopped to help, but no other -- none of the cars that stopped had damage on there. so they don't believe any of those people were responsible. investigators think somehow the woman was walking on the freeway and hit her and sped off. >> we broadcasted other agencies in the area. we haven't heard back, but we're relying on everyone, not just law enforcement. >> some of the drivers who stopped to help had to be comforted by the chp because they were
. maries and cal be dancing? >> can which teams will punch their ticket to the tournament next in sports wrap. who sees that she's due for a ram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive >>> good evening everyone. selection sunday is a dream dream come true or a huge disappointment. depends if your name is tagged for the ncaa tournament and today st. marys sneaks in. st. marys will face middle tennessee state in what they call an n game. it will be played tuesday at dayton, ohio. they are 27 and 6 and the only losses is all three three game and if they beat the 28 and 5 blue raiders, st. marys is the 11 seed of the midwest region. >> i said going into this the numbers, this is the best the numbers have been, other than when you -- when you win the conference tournament and you're in. our numbers were very good and so i felt good going into it. i wasn't surprised tha
as musicians go door to door to explain why they're striking. >>> cashing in on cal basketball. the mad demand for a court side seat during the cal's ncaa showing. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> street performers are not an unusual sight in san francisco unless they're members of the world renowned san francisco symphony. striking musicians tried to drum up support from near by businesses that are feeling the effect of their labor dispute. david stevenson is live where many restaurants depend on the big crowds that fill the neighborhoods on performance nights, david. >> reporter: symphony musicians tried to showcase their side of the strike and the impact they say it will have on their neighbors. striking san francisco symphony musicians today worked to win over the public with a sidewalk performance just a few blocks away from their daily symphony site home. >> our directors just got large bonuses, that's fantastic and
. some drivers have gone over the cliffs as well. a short time ago the cal tran spokesperson talked about why this project is so important. >> this one is significant. the people have waited for this for years. they rely on highway 1 for commerce for commuting, for the quality of life. and over the years highway 1 this stretch of highway 1 has been plagued by mud slides, rock slides, slip outs and every time it has had to close, the local economies are devastated. >> reporter: so cal tran will be hold colding a ribbon cutting ceremony. the official unvailing at 11:00 this morning here at the two tunnels. it will feature lawmakers that hope to push this project along over the years. by the way it's important to point out this is not an event that is open to the public. then what will happen is after that ribbon cutting ceremony there will be last minute road reconfiguration work that crews will have to do. and later on today possibly first thing tomorrow morning the two tunnels will be open to the public to drive through. live this morning near pacifica alex savidge. >> 6:07. sal, you know
when students started getting sick. >>> today is a big day for cal basketball, both the men's and women's teams are playing in the ncaa tournament. the cal men will have the support of a huge crowd at hp pavilion. the golden bears knocked off unlv thursday and will now take on syracuse. particulars are going fast. best bet, search on line. the cal women will play fresno state this afternoon in lubbock, texas. the number two seed cal women are heavily favored. fans are dreaming that cal will eventually take on stanford to advance to the final four in new orleans. best of luck to both teams. >> good luck to all the bears. nice that cal is actually playing in san jose. hometown favorite. if you are not deciding to watch basketball, get outside, rosemary, because it is beautiful. >> you're right. the first weekend of spring pretty good looking. temperatures this morning on the cool side. we'll have a look at those in a moment but outside our doors abundant sunshine giving awe view from ktvu you can see plenty of blue, all the way to the city of san francisco if you look in the backdrop. we'
today. stanford and cal are expected to get high seeds. they wanted 7th and cal is only 6. >>> good morning everybody and at the toll plaza, no problems if you are in livermore but it is slow, let's go to steve. >>> mostly sunny this morning by this afternoon we will be talking about rain and we could sure use it but here is some patchy low clouds and upper 60s and lower 70s inland. >>> coming up on mornings on 2, violence in the east bay, police are searching for a man who committed a knife attack. >>> and the pope will be officially inaugurated tomorrow and we have new details we found out about the ceremony, stay with us, we will be right back. >>> we're live in alameda where a st. patrick's day bar fight ends with a stabbing. we'll tell you what police are saying about the suspects who got away. >>> a memorial is set up this morning to remember the two victims killed in a raceway crash in the north bay as investigators look into the house. >> reporter: and vallejo police this morning, working to track down the person who killed and elderly man at a home in this city. we'll tell
about the cal and the stanford men making it in, the women as well this week. they will be joined by their bay area neighbors, st. mary's. [ cheers ] >> students at st. mary's cheered their basketball team to victory last night over middle tennessee. a viewing party was set up on campus. now the gaels are on to the tournament. they play memphis on tuesday. >>> all bets are off in kansas. the university sent an e-mail out to students last night reminding them that it's illegal in the state to be on the tournament, to bet on the tournament. the e-mail requests that no one affiliated with the university enter a betting pool. the university of kansas takes on western kentucky friday night. president obama taking cal over stanford in the women's ncaa turnent m. according to espn, the president has cal in the final four with baylor, connecticut and notre dame. they did not pick stanford which is seeded first. cal could play stanford on april 1st. and for the men, president obama has florida, louisville, ohio state and indiana winning it all. tori? >> thank you, pam. >>> 7:50. there's a
. the lions den will be open over the weekend for viewing. >>> we're hoping the cal basketball team is feeling frisky tomorrow. >> of course every year it seems like a couple of teams seem to come out of nowhere. peak at the right time. cal hoping this year why not us. winning the opener against unlv. probably not going to be able to pull that off so easily against four seed syracuse. pretty good at shutting things off inside. >> when you do something 35 times a year, 40 minutes a game for 30 years, somebody has got to figure it out and they've been successful with it. >> we know they're pretty athletic, you just have to find the open spots that they leave open in the zone so you know we just have to be patient on offense. >> reporter: well we can only pick one game for the upset game of the day. here it is kansas city the west region number 13 lasalle. napping k state. raymond g -- gallowy. they win it. ole miss will win wisconsin and that's who they'll play next time around. >>> most of the time sports all about fun and games tonight we have the sad duty of reporting the passing of a man wh
. they are collecting the body. it is a gruesome scene. there is some degree and fluid in the roadway. that is why cal tran had to i vat wait. this happened at 3:15 this morning. someone driving on 280 called 911 after seeing a body on the freeway. the chp is calling this is a hit and run. drivers stopped to help but the chp says no others were damaged that were on the scene. they think somehow this woman was walking on the freeway. someone hit aerohen sped off. >> we have no information right now. if anyone saw anything, please call highway patrol. >> some of the drivers who stopped to help had to be comforted by the chp because they were traumatized by the scene. they have little to go on. no leads. no one seemed to have witnessed this. they would really like any information. they are calling people to call 1-800-tell chp. it's too early to tell who this person is. we were wondering if it was somebody homeless. but again too early to tell. as far as an estimated time when they would open the lane they thought it would be open now. but since they have to call cal tran it could be a little bit longer.
the event cal tran has planned lateon this morning. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning march 25th i'm pam cook. >> we're ready. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. i'm glad to see steve paulson back. >> i'm glad to be back too. >> feeling a bit better. >> i know. we do have a lot of high clouds spilling over us today. it will not be as nice as the weekend. pam and dave told me it was a very nice weekend. [ laughter ] i had to take their word for it. i didn't see much of it. today 50s and 60s and low 70s. here is sal. >>> right now we are looking at 880 as you drive through the traffic does look good as you get up to the downtown oakland area. also we are looking at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving along very nicely at the toll plaza. it's 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> over night news a car involved in a high speed chase through alameda county might be connected to a shooting in hayward. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty joins us from hayward with more on this possible connection. tara. >> reporter:
the second and third rounds of the ncaa tournament thursday through saturday. cal will face unlv thursday at 4:30:00 p.m. cal is the 12th seed of the east region. unlv is the fifth seeded team and is five and one all-time versus cal. >>> the mens basketball team was selected for the tournament yesterday. they will play middle tennessee state in the first four tomorrow night in dayton, o high. if they win they will become the 11th seed of the midwest region and play the sixth seed memphis on thursday. >>> a closer look at wall street and why investors are in a selling mood plus a policy change at the happiest place on earth and why some children will not like it. >>> stocks are down slightly on wall street after an early sell off caused by concern that a bail out plan for the mediterranean island nation of cypress would reignite the european debt crisis. the dow down 37, nasdac down seven, s & p down six. >>> this is just in the. trustee overseeing casey anthony's bankruptcy case has filed a motion to sell the rights to her story so she can pay her debts. in a motion filed today in tampa,
to teams and fans. robert handa shows us. >> reporter: the cal basketball team will take its turn on the court for practice in about half an hour. the bears are playing the marquee game here tomorrow. no matter how far they traveled, fans are all trying to give their team a home court advantage. new mexico state university fans came to the big dance today. arriving at hp pavilion with plenty of cheer. the spirit leaders made the trip in style. >> they chartered a flight for the band leaders and players. it's a privilege. >> reporter: new mexico's opponent and its fabs the st. louis university also showed their support. a good luck doll created by a st. louis artist. slu's fans rushed to san jose after winning the atlantic 10 conference title. >> everyone is so thrilled. most of these people just came from brooklyn. they were only home for about 10 hours because we were at the a 10 conference. so it's been minute by minute just go, go, go. >> reporter: san jose and its local businesses are counting on march madness. it means attracting more than alumni from afar but people who are
from now. cal vs. unlv is the match up many bear fans are waiting for. other fans came a long way to give their schools a home court advantage. >> reporter: new mexico state university fans came to college's big dance today. arriving with plenty of cheer. the spirit leaders, the aggies made the trip in style. >> getting a team this big here, they chartered a flight for the band members and cheerleaders and everybody else. it's been a privilege, and it's been so much fun, just getting here and being able to do this. >> reporter: new mexico's opponent and fans, the st. louis university billikens are also showing their support. a billiken is a good luck doll. fans rushed to san jose after winning the atlantic 10 conference title. >> it is madness. everyone is so thrilled. most of these people just came from brooklyn, they were only home for about 10 hours because we were at the a-10 conference. it's just been minute by minute, just go, go, go. >> reporter: san jose and local businesses are counting on march madness. people such as cara douglas, coming with her grown up son. >> he's a
over today and saturday are especially welcome. for cal, it's almost like a home court. >> fans are so close to the action. it creates a terrific atmosphere. >> reporter: loud too at local bars and restaurants, where the games dominate tv. >> cardinal fans, rams fans, th st. louis got their win, then watched all day. >> i can't believe how clean and beautiful the city is. everybody that we've seen has been so great to us. even the opposing team. >> especially the first two days of the ncaa tournament. a lot of upsets. you can hear the buzz, and people are pretty fired up here. >> reporter: once a cal player, now a fan, this dad paid $100 a ticket. >> i've only been here to see madonna. never been here for a sporting event. it's clean, high-tech. we're in silicon valley, it's good stuff. >> reporter: scattered tickets still on saturday for saturday's two match ups, but they will sellout. especially with the bears back in action. reporting live in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> fans of st. mary's saw their team's season come to a heartbreaking end today. students and staff gathered
in april. >>> tomorrow should be an exhausting day for fans of the uc berkeley basketball. the cal woman's team is set to play its first ncaa tournament game in texas. some expect the woman's team to make it all the way. and the men's upset yesterday has fanned pumped up. >> i live with a couple of guys and we're all watching it. so yeah, everyone around campus there's some buzz. >> there's a lot of people ripping cal now and talking about the team sos it's fun to be around. >> reporter: the game is sold out and court side tickets have an asking price of $2,000 a seat. >> wow. >>> control towers ordered closed. how the federal cut backs affect northern california and why more cuts may be coming. >> bill martin is updating his forecast. at 10:45 he's back with when we will see the return of some rain. >> ripping off i pads at one bay area high school. how a principal came to the rescue to crack down a criminal. >>> a small plane made an emergency landing today on a southern california freeway. the single engine cessna touched down on state route 125 in san diego county. the pilot says the
sometimes and cal train said they plan to have fans efencing up on the tracks even before his death. >>> they are allowing small plains and they will be passing out leaflets asking congress to overturn the decision on planes. flight attendants are also asking them about focusing on explosives. >>> and it originated in china. it appears to be the source that caused 32,000 computers to crash head yesterday afternoon. officials say it is too early to make blame. >>> the online video site said 1 billion people a month watches videos and it started as a powerful force, it is if you owned by google and gives them another large scale platform for online ads. >>> people are hoping to win a year of the famous sourdough bread. the location is on stevens boulevard and the first 100 people will receive a free loaf of bread every day for a year. this is a give away and the price is estimated to be 130,000 dollars. in honor, he will donate bread to the second harvest food bank. i was at that. >> it is good. it is nice they are doing that. >>> they are talking about a wrong way driver, where is th
tulsa. if all goes as planned they could take on second seed cal on april 1st with the winner advancing to the women's final four. the cal men's sweet 16 dreams were put to rest yesterday by syracuse. if >> syracuse. good luck. you will run into somebody called oregon soon. >> the bears lost 66-60 despite a large home crowd. that crowd included oregon fans. oregon also played at hp yesterday. they were expected to root for each other. despite the loss cal fans say they are proud of the team. >> mike montgomery has taken this program. he has brought us to the ncaa four out of the past five years. >> there is always next year. >> syracuse will move on to face the winner of today's indiana-temple game. oregon defeated st. louis. meantime at the western regional in salt lake city. the wichita state shockers shocked gonzaga. wichita state built a 13 point lead. they lost momentum in the second half but then rallied back to win. they shot 50% from the field and beat the number one seed 76- 70. the shockers move into the round of 16. congratulations to them. >> bummer for me. no cal. no ucla.
shop. he is supposed to be holding a resip row cal state deck. ? peeblging of patient love, i think this woman's love for shoes is very patient because she is sporting those high heeled boots, they're not being very cooperative with her. >> it almost like she's on stilts. >>> and girls wear this because they think they look attractive. >> this looks like her ankle is breaking in half. thmplt dude on the snowmobile decides, no snow, no problem. >> the guy is about to drop off a 15-foot dam. >>> boy, just the other day you were saying to me, i really want to build an 8 by 8 rgblaq. >> i couldn't find a video but one of our viewers made a video on how to create this thing. it's like a giant light bright but it moves. >> it's the new lava lamp. >> this video is about a half an hour long. there's a full instructional video and there is a shorter version here that will tell you exactly what you need. >> you want to be very careful with your ohm resistors. >> i was wondering what i was going to do with all my extra mos sets. >> what if you glued an iphone to the floor? >>> you would think
cal. [applauds] [applauds] >> oh, yeah, they are happy and cheering at the st. mary's basketball team and selected for the tournament yet, tomorrow night in vallejo. they will play the 6th seed on thursday. >>> and the women's tournament, that happens today. stanford and cal are expected to get high seeds. the number 4 stanford seed packed the tournament tour a week ago on friday. 547 dash >>> then i am going to hand it to a blank one, for somebody who knows nothing about basketball. chances are they will win. >> usually there is a school i have never heard of in there too. >> right, it will be fun. good morning everyone, let's look at what we have now, we are off to a decent start on a monday and we don't have a lot going on, we wanted it to be nice slow and boring also the commute looks good for people who are trying to get out there early and metering lights are not on because they usually come on after 6:00. and looking at the peninsular, getting word of a crash on darting road near dublin and it is a noninjury crash and we'll see how this traffic was moving. mostly cloud can did
and third round and cal is the 12th seed of the east region. they have a 5 and 1 record against cal. they are not just cheering for pam cook, they are cheering for the men's basketball team because they were selected yesterday. they will play middle tennessee state in the first four and tomorrow in dayton, if they win they will become part of the west region and play the 6th seed on thursday. >>> bracket selection for the women's tournament starts
cal train near virginia street >> there's nothing to indicate it was the result of foul play or intentional about. >> friends say he often took a shortcut home near the tracks, there are already warning signs in place to revent illegal crossings and they had plans to put up fencing around the tracks before his death >>> later on today. flight attendants plan to protest the decision to allow small knives on planes. they will ask passengers to tell congress overturn and allow knives on planes. they will ask them to sign an online petition. it will allow the screeners to focus on looking for explosives. >>> police will be out in force in the san mateo campus at the high school this morning. more on the online threat that led to the increased security. >>> we're live in san jose where there is absolutely madness, march madness kicks off. the excitement coming up >>> good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well out in the the bridge. >>> it will be breezy and highs in the 60s. welcome back. good morning. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following now at 6
missing this morning and found. >>> a train hit and killed a man this morning on the cal train tracks in palo alto. the northbound train hit the man about 6:50 near charleston road. that closed the tracks in both directions for about an hour causing major delays in the morning commute. the southbound tracks reopened just before 8:00 a.m. this is the fifth death on the cal train tracks this year. >>> we want to update you now on the top story. an amber alert issued early this morning is now over. a little girl was found late this morning inside her mother's car, that car had been stolen. ktvu's ktvu janine de la vega with more on the person that stole the white jeep. >> reporter: yes, very happy conclusion to this story since that little girl is safe. we're told she's now at a local hospital being checked out but she was found here behind me, this is on amorosa court, near capital expressway and center road. we understand, police tell us it was a tip that was called in, somebody spotted a stolen jeep in this neighborhood and then called police. to get more information about how this al
over all day long. >> cal is set to be at the arena thursday and st. mary's will be at tennessee state in the first four. get your brackets ready. >>> last time they were there, i got to go when the bruins were playing. >> yes, you heard him say it is going to be bigger than a shark's game. it is be good >> it is exciting. >> yes, northbound 101, that traffic tints to look good -- continues to look good as you drive to the split no major problems. also westbound bay bridge as you drive through no major problems there and on the peninsular the traffic is looking good and we have been looking at southbound 101 and burlington and all the way to palo alto, san mateo bridge traffic is moving along well but eastbound is approaching a construction zone and steve has been talking about some of the overnight rain and i saw it this morning on my windshield so give yourself some extra time. >> sal, last full day of winter. >> yes . where has the time gone, steve? >> you know, sal, it is going fast, isn't it? >> yes, thank you sir. we have cloudzy skies and sal is correct we had very light rain ov
. >>> hp pavilion is ready for march madness. the tournament starts tomorrow. cal is among the team playing. they are the 12th seed and will face unlv at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. they are holding a free public practice at the pavilion. the other bay area team in the tournament is st. mary's. they beat middle tennessee and they will face memphis in that game tomorrow in detroit. >>> and we'll have more of the noon news right after this. find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth for goddess skin you can feel and feel. ♪ i'm your venus only from venus embrace. >>> stocks rose on wall street after the federal reserve stood by the plan to boost the economy. that announcement came at 11:00 this morning, also concern is easing about a possible financial crisis in cypress. the nation needs a bailout to avoid defaulting on the financial obligations. >>> the dow is currently up 63. the nasdaq is up 23. s&p is up 10. >>> we are now less than a week away from the day the u.s. supreme court will hear oral arguments on proposition 8, which is california's ban
. there are different school banners floating around the pavilion as games get underway, cal is one of the teams in the round of 64. they are set to tip off in san jose against unlv then. we checked with them and it says the gales there are all sold out. >>> if you live on the peninsula you will have a chance today to see the world series trophy. the giants championship trophy tour stops at the san mateo city hall between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. both the 2010 and 2012 championship trophies will be on display and in case you are wondering the giants open the new season against the dodgers in los angeles on april first, the first home game is friday, and 5th, against the st. louis cardinals. >>> the bay area company behind today's sell off on wall street and a major drugstore chain causing controversy because of something it has asked its employees to do. >>> technology and commodity stocks are leaving wall street lower after oracles sharp miss on that and those prices are falling concerned on that, stock there is down 9%, a live look at the big board, the dow down 67, the nasdaq down 27, s&
he is gone. that is the sporting life. we should mention cal is up in their game. unlv. up by 8 with 6 minutes left. they have a shot. highlights at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. >>> tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, major changes could be on the way, the details of the proposed changes and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us. good night.
a hazardous materials crew had to be called in to clean up the gruesome scene. cal trans and the chp opened up all lanes and the ramps before 10:00 this morning. the chp says none of the witnesses who stopped actually saw the accident so they need the public's help. they are asking anybody who might have any information to call 1-800-tell-chp, live from san jose, janine de la vega in. >> the north bay this morning commuters traveling from sausalito to the golden gate bridge faced an unusual road block, large rocks one measuring three to 4 feet wide rolled down a hill there forcing the closure of the highway. it happened before 5:00 a.m. near the waldo tunnel. a man suffered injured, the boulders blocked lanes until 6:45 when they were cleared. the hillside was deemed secure and all lanes re-opened. >>> transport transportation officials voted to approve a speed limit increase there to change it from 15 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour, the increase will not go into effect march 27th. next week is when the conversion to all electronic tolling takes place at the bridge. >>> flying in and out
by a train. 16-year-old donye was ap student. he was killed tuesday when he was hit and killed by a cal train near virginia street. >> at this point in the investigation, there's nothing to indicate this was the result of foul play or an intentional act. >> friends are saying he often took a shortcut home right near the train tracks. already has warning signs to prevent illegal crossing and also had plans to put up fences even before his death. >>> six people including four children were rushed to a hospital after a multi vehicle crash. 94th and international. a speeding driver who ran a red light appears to be at fault. a mother and her four children were in one of those cars. investigators say none of the injuries are life threatening. >> police are now investigating whether a stand off suspect was killed by officers or self inflicted wounds. 11:30 yesterday morning, police received calls about a man waving a rifle outside a house. when officers arrived, the suspect who was not armed at the time ran inside. police say he later smashed a window and pointed a shotgun at them. that's when offi
. >> finally good news for the warriors. >> also it is selection sunday and we will tell you if cal or st. mary's are bound for the ncaa tornment. sports wrap is next.
teams including cal, oregon, and syracuse are drawing fans from far and wide. local business owners are gearing up for busy days. >> going to be much bigger than any sort of event that goes on at hp typically bigger than a sharks game. >> many local businesses say they lost at least a third of their incomes during the nhl lock out now thousands of basketball fans are in town and that could help them bounce back. >>> president obama introduced his choice as secretary of labor, thomas perez. he is son of dominican immigrants. >> over my career i have learned true progress is possible, if you keep an open mind, listen to all sides and focus on results. >> so far perez is the only hispanic to be named to the president's cabinet during his second term. at least one republican has said he will block the nomination because of perez's work with the justice department on a voting rights case in louisiana. >>> new details on president obama's upcoming visit to the bay area next month. april 3rd arrival, reported for two events in san francisco the first, a $5,000 per person cocktail reception
and by the way it will take on this information. >>> and the president has picked second seed cal as one of its schools to reach them and they will begin in texas against fresno state and by the way stamford is top seed. >>> i'm sure you will be busy sal, because there is a crash in the east bay. >> this one sounds serious and it -- serious and it was first reported, it could be eastbound 24 at 680 and one car is overturned and three are cars are involved here. the fire department and paramedics are on the way and this is 24 and 680 and the first part was eastbound 24 and 680 and we are trying to get to the bottom of it and please give yourself extra time. we have a lot of fender benders and people are getting into wrecks and i think it has something to do with the wet roads. traffic here is moderate and usually it does not get busy until after 6:00. we are also looking at 280 at the interchange and there was a car that spun out and it is not causing a major traffic zeal and chp is on -- major staff deal and chp is on the scene -- major traffic deal and chp is on the scene. >>> we have a quarte
in on the women's ncaa tournament and president barack obama picked second seed cal as one of his four schools to reach the women's' final four. it happens in fresno. >>> 6:48 is the time. sal, it is a great month for basketball >> it is a great month but very distracting for some of us. >>> i would like to go to the maps, boy, that was quick, westbound 92, they just got a new crash reported a minute ago. thank you, westbound 92 at the toll plaza, we just got word of a new crash, they are blocking one of the fast track lanes, westbound 92 right at the san mateo toll plaza, a brand-new crash was reported and chp is not even there yet and if it does it will cause a big problem. northbound 280 and on the corner it is stop and go. we have a 20 minutes delay here at the toll plaza and we have talked about the problems near the walnut creek fender-bender so use care as you do. let's go to steve. >>> well, some rain overnight, not a lot, a little bit, i see my ship come in and once again i was at the bus station. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures, light rain, not enough, it is just an ugly february a
. the teams include syracuse, st. louis university and mexican state. in the battle between cal and nv >> it's great to be in san jose that is hosted here and we're looking forward to a great evening. >> organizers say there's still a few tickets left, but the best shot may be online. expect to pay maybe a couple hundred dollars for a pair of tickets. >>> they watch more of the cheer leading than the big game. traffic is moving along well if you are driving throughout the area, there are no major problems, this is a look at 880, northbound and southbound, there are no major problems the morning commute is moving along nicely there's a little bit of a backup in some of those lanes. san jose off to a nice start and today it's dry. let's go to steve. >>> a little breezy conditions, patchy low clouds, i don't think that they will last too long. more of a northwesterly breeze. some in the morning and sunny. san francisco, going 59 today. 46 now, a little cool, high pressure building in. it's high pressure to the north, 31 off of crescent city. high pressure in the north, low pressure to the sout
is celebrating as the pope. >>> and they fight back after last night's win against cal. . >>> pope frances celebrated his first day at mass. he waved to an overflowing crowd at st. peter's square. he stopped a few times and kissed some babies. an estimated 250,000 people gathered at the square for today's service. >>> here thousands gathered to celebrate palm sunday and st. mary's church celebrated as well. according to the scripture, it marks the beginning of the holiest week in the christian calendar culminating with sunday. coming up at 5:30 why local retail expectations are not phasing business owners. >> they seem to have arrived and potential burglars will knock on the front doors to see if people are home and they will ask to see if somebody lives at the home. if nobody answers the burglars break in and they recommend calling 911 if they recommend acting suspicious. saturday's mail is now in doubt. ann rubin joins us with the campaign launch by some postal workers. >> they say the cuts are necessary to stay afloat but they believe there must be a better way. >> we need saturday deli
of donor summit. >>> a man was struck and killed by a cal train this afternoon. this is the fourth fatal train accident so far this year. it was a northbound train that struck the man on west virginia street just after 4:00 this afternoon. caltrain says there was only one passenger on board. the coroner has not released the victim's name. today's accident is very close to where a woman was killed on the track just eight daysing a. >>> diane feinstein expressed anger when she learned the bill would not include her assault weapons ban. feinstein says her discovery of slain supervisor harvey milk fuels her desire for stricter gun control. >> this is very important to me. i'm snot going to lay down and play dead. i think the american people have said in every single public poll that they support this kind of legislation. >> the legislation would need at least 60 votes to pass. the majority leader says the assault measure has at best 40 vote. >>> another marine has died in nevada bringing the death toll to 8. six marines your injured and flown to nearby hospitals. the marines were firing a mo
than any sort of event. typically will be -- typically it will be bigger than a sharks game. cal is set to play unvl on thursday. and then the st. mary's gaels will play middle tenny state. >>> twitter is offering a fitting way to stay in touch with the basketball. it will feature all 64 tournament games just minutes after they happen. fans can watch on phones, tablets and pcs without leaving twitter. the first tweet is expected at 3:30 when the first game starts. >>> 8:11. developing news in san francisco. we've been talking about this for the past half-hour. a suspicious device that shut down mass transit in downtown san francisco. how things have changed in the past ten minutes. >>> the surprising discovery in the dorm room of a florida college student who may have been planning a mass shooting. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting
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